Blog » That age-old myth that the spring market is the best time to sell?

It simply isn’t true.

That age-old myth that the spring market is the best time to sell?

A recent study by confirmed that February of 2019 had more views per listing than any other month. January came in a close second, and it’s been moving that direction for the past five years.

So, what does this mean?

Waiting to sell only leads to one thing: more competition. And when there’s more competition, the likelihood the listing will spend more time on the market increases while the chance of maximizing your sale price decreases.

With low inventory plaguing most markets around the country, this is the single most convincing reason to move off the fence and list right now.

2019 saw a 12.6% growth in home showings nationwide compared to the year prior – according to Showing Time

Combine that with the fact that homes that list in winter sell faster, and you have a recipe for a short and smooth process.

Investors definitely want to buy during the off season so they will have time to spruce up the house and make it their own.  This also gives them time to enjoy the home before the rentals begin.  Buying a rental investment is like owning a car.  You want to take care of things as they happen and not wait until you have a long list of updates you need to do. 

Buying off season gives you the time to make these changes.  Buying off season also gives you the opportunity to meet with your property management company.  Invite them over and go over the house and make sure they know all the changes and repairs you have completed.  This also gives them the time to share with you anything they feel would be a benefit in helping your home rent.  It could be something as simple as adding a full refrigerator to the game room.  Your property manager knows what renters are looking for.

Some year- round sellers will wait and say, well I am not ready to move until school gets out so I will wait for Spring.  We tell buyers who are looking for a year- round home in the winter, if you like it now, just imagine how nice it will be when all of the trees and flowers bloom.  Have a few pictures to show them how beautiful it is.  How about putting your house on the market now so closing can coincide with school getting out and you can be ready to make your move and the buyers can get settled in while the kids are out of school.  This also gives you time to get in to your new home and be settled by the next school year.  Now you can take a few days and relax, knowing your work is done.

When people ask us “when is the best time to list our house?” we tell them now.  If you are thinking about selling, then now is the time to list.  Give us a call and let us share with you the process and show you it is not as intimidating as you may think!