Blog » Is a Home Inspection Really Necessary?

You will find that you will be money ahead by hiring a professional home inspector, once you are under contract.

A professional home inspector can diagnose all kinds of problems and tell you what needs to be fixed. They will also share with you what is a major issue compared to normal things expected for the age of the home. After the inspection, you’ll be handed a comprehensive report that gives you a full picture of the home’s condition, allowing you a more realistic look at the details that you might not have noticed before.


A Home Inspection can also be used as a negotiation tool, especially when homes are selling way above asking price.  You may want to negotiate a price reduction so you can take care of the repairs yourself, or you may want the seller to do the repairs.  There are several ways these repairs can be addressed.

The question was: “Is a Home Inspection Really Necessary” our answer is Yes!

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